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L.S. Diezel & Launch Dat – Rougher Than A Lion

In case hardcore hip hop isn’t your bag (per yesterday’s post), here’s a favorite hardcore tune I found thanks to an ID which Nebkins got for an Easygroove mix… Yet again, Dennis Easygroove coming through with the absolutely wicked obscure selection. Lots of DJs were digging back then but it’s especially amazing what sort of records Dennis was pulling for his sets… one of the reasons he’s possibly my favorite DJ from back then.

The EP this tune is on is otherwise a bit more of a electronic/dub affair, but this tune in particular is a great acid ragga hardcore jam. The overall tone of the track is pretty understated, with a nice repetitive laid-back breakbeat (more live drumming than heavy processed hiphop break), and classic dubby bass. However, there’s tons of other elements stacked on top: mental acid squelch lines, strained synth flourishes, rhythmically gated vocal snippets and choir samples, lion roars, even a doppler effect (the physics principle not the artist) noise. It’s like the “everything but the kitchen sink” hardcore principle at work, but with the added benefit that all the elements fit together perfectly well and the result doesn’t sound too busy or frantic. As a final bonus, due to the obscurity factor, this one is cheap: right now there’s 2 copies for a pound each and 2 US copies for $2.50 (shame I already own it… tempted to nab these and resell to friends around here). This track might still be a bit less “full-on” than some hardcore fans prefer, but to my ears it’s a total gem and something I’d love to work into in any late 91/early 92 style set.

LS Diezel and Launch Dat – Rougher Than A Lion

3 Replies to “L.S. Diezel & Launch Dat – Rougher Than A Lion”

  1. Nice man, i was looking 4 that track 4 ages. Cheers, brings me back to my wild days. And the sub is definitely on top, for that age (1992). it’s the early ninetees. D.I.Y. better.

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