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Rainbow Country – It’s U

Here’s a classic I’ve had for ages and ages but totally forgot about. I think I may even have been looking for an ID on this track after buying it, unaware that it was sitting in my crates all along. For some reason, whenever I see it in my collection I think it’s a dodgy florida breaks record or something. In fact, “It’s U” is actually a quite catchy and well constructed 92 track by Ant Miles (Liftin Spirits/RAM) with a strong Rhythm Section feel to it (possibly sampling them?). The stab pattern and flow of the track is nicely done, with a main melody 2 minutes in which is sort of alluded to in the previous section. For me though, it’s all about the “If there’s a cure for this” vocal which drops three minutes in. I’m not sure what that vocal is from, but it’s bound to be the bit to stick in your head after a few listens. Nothing too technical or crazy but a nice feel good 92 style track for sure. Also, this one is still cheap as chips ($2.51 as I’m writing this), so if you like your 92s, this will be one to nab!

–Audio Removed because RAM / Liftin Spirits / Ant Miles have been reissuing old tunes–

Apologies that the clip is bit overy loud, clearly I was excited while recording it in about having rediscovered such a 92 banger 🙂

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