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8205-001 Mixrace “Dirty Amen / Express Yourself Rmx” back for sale

Good news for anyone who still wants a copy: Based on the response the first day, we’ve managed to intercept the pressing at the plant and add an additional 50 copies to it, bringing the total pressing up to 175. This should cover everyone on the waiting list, while leaving extra copies for further preorder / release (though I suggest preorder as there’s not that many). For anyone who used the contact form to get on the waiting list, you should have received an email by now. You’ve already got a copy put aside which will be held for 1 week – please reply to the email, and Seventh Storey will sort out your order for you.

For anyone NOT on the list, the link in the store was just made active again with remaining copies. In addition, I’ve added 5 more copies to the US store based on the existing ratio of world-to-US customers (US can always order from seventh storey as well, the shipping is just a bit more)


US PREORDER: (US ORDERS ONLY – 5 copies remaining)

I feel bad having to mention this, but just to cover all bases: if anyone bought a copy and is now bothered by the extra 50 copies being pressed, please contact Seventh Story/me for a refund (depending whether you ordered from their shop or the us-only paypal button). In my mind this shouldn’t make any difference at all, but I’d rather leave the option there to avoid any possible complaints. Frankly, we could use those copies for other people who still want to support the release 🙂

Thanks again for the big support with this release, will keep everyone updated when the final copies arrive from the plant!

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