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8205-001 Mixrace “Dirty Amen / Express Yourself Rmx” Clips/Preorder

Preorder for 8205-001 is now available for 8205-001 Mixrace “Dirty Amen / Express Yourself Rmx”.

There’s two options, UK/World and US preorder.
Seventh Storey Projects will be handling the UK/World orders. US people are also welcome to order through Seventh Storey as well, the shipping will be a bit higher but they have a lot of other choice oldskool reissue EPs in stock.

The US preorder order (a paypal link below) is just for people in the US who want to save on shipping, since I know that int’l shipping cost pain all too well. When those US copies are gone, the rest will be handled by Seventh Storey.

People in Canada should use the UK/World option, since for some reason it seems to costs more to send records from the US to Canada than UK to Canada (crazy, huh?!!)

Clips for the release are below:
8205-001 A. Dirty Amen
8205-001 B. Express Yourself Rmx

As you can hear above, both tunes are amen stormers. Speaking from experience with the test press, they’re also an absolute joy to mix.
Expected release date in the UK is May 10th, 2014. It may take a few more days for the US copies to go out, but I’ll try to send them out as soon as I receive them from the UK.



Only 125 copies of this EP are being pressed, so while preordering isn’t required, I suggest nabbing a copy sooner rather than later.

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