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Follow Up – 8205-001 Preorders sold out / reserve list

Quick Followup to yesterday’s preorder post. I just checked in with Seventh Storey, and all available copies have been pre-ordered. Big thanks to everyone who has helped this sell out in under 24 hours!

Because of this, Seventh Storey and I are creating a reserve list for anyone who is interested in this release, should any cancellations occur, or in the very unlikely event of there being an overage in numbers from the full pressing run.
If you would like to be added to the list, please send a message via the ‘Contact Us’ form on the webstore
stating that you would like to be placed on the Reserve List for Mixrace.

Everyone who contacts us will be added in chronological order, and will be given the chance to purchase any copies should they become available – this is the fairest way we can think of doing it.

Again, huge thanks for all the support from this release!! I can’t think of a better start for the label, short of me having planned a slightly larger pressing size.

2 Replies to “Follow Up – 8205-001 Preorders sold out / reserve list”

  1. Sorry man, all’s not lost though!! Definitely use the form above, there’s a chance we’ll find copies for a number of those people. It’s first come first served though, so best to do it ASAP.

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