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Overdog – Fuck You Up

I’ve played this track a few times on the radio show, but here it is in full form: a classic German hardcore tune showing the nice intersection of techno, acid and stompy hardcore with a slight breakbeat / uk nod. Not too removed from what Space Cube was doing at the time, stuff on Labworks, some early Biochip C, etc. I think I first heard this track in an Easygroove set, though searching around now I can’t seem to find the exact one. It sounds like something he’d play though, that’s for certain. The main selling points for me here are the crowd sample as also used in Disorder “Panic”, and a beyond classic NWA sample. There’s also a choice melodic breakdown partway through, building back to the more agressive main section. Definitely a strong tune and one I find myself reaching for a lot, though the single measure “fuck you up!” vocal breaks throw the measure count off and make drawn out mixes not an easy option.

Overdug – Fuck You Up

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  1. This was quite a hit late 1992 in Germany and Austria. Good choice. And indeed, quite many Producers in the 1992-94 (95) period used breakbeats to give their usually very hard acid and/or Gabba workouts a little edge.

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