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Big News: 8205 Recordings / Mixrace – Unreleased 1993/1994 Tracks

After six years of running this site, I’m breaking out of the strictly digital realm and starting a label called 8205 Recordings. The goal of 8205 is to unearth select hardcore/jungle tunes from 1991-1995 that never made it off dubplate or DAT, and press them to vinyl. Each release will be limited to between 100 and 300 copies, aimed at serious oldskool enthusiasts who are still trying to track down those last few elusive tunes from back in the day.

First up: Mixrace – Unreleased 1993/1994 Tracks, featuring two never before released tracks by Mixrace (aka Paradox and DJ Trax). “Dirty Amen” is the deeper of the two tunes, with a sombre female vocal breakdown dropping into classic 93 style amens. On the flip, “Express Yourself RMX” ups the dancefloor ante, combining classic diva vocals with hard hitting stuttered breakbeats. You may have heard me play “Express Yourself” RMX on my radio shows a number of times over the past year, and Trax has been playing “Dirty Amen” to positive response the past few months as well.

Mixrace – Unreleased 1993/1994 Tracks will be released on vinyl limited to 125 copies, and available for order starting in the beginning of May. UK/Europe mailorders will be handled by Simon at Seventh Storey Projects. Big thanks to Simon as well as Will (Sublogic) and Dave (92Retro) who were big influences in my deciding to start this. A select few copies will also be sold by me in the US via this site.

For more information, and to keep up to date with the release, you can add the label’s page here:

Full 8205 page on this site coming soon. If anyone wants a more thorough promo blurb / extra info, please hit me up at the contact email to the right.

18 Replies to “Big News: 8205 Recordings / Mixrace – Unreleased 1993/1994 Tracks”

  1. Its a great idea, my only gripe would be it excludes the likes of myself who use digital formats and don’t have turntables, wouldn’t it be better to have both options as I’m a potential customer but I don’t use vinyl

  2. Regarding digital, I didn’t mean to imply there will never ever be digital versions of any of the label tunes. That’s why I didn’t say “vinyl only” 🙂 However, I’m leaving it entirely up to the artists as I think it should be their choice who sells their tunes and what format they’re sold in. Hold tight for info regarding possible digital release.

  3. Cracking news & I’m looking to buying & supporting this vinyl release, I love Mixrace tunes
    Thanks for the shout out too 😀


  4. Count me in on the vinyl. I’m in the US too, so hope to get these on their release!
    Top news!

  5. Great news Pete!!

    Will also be buying and supporting this too…

  6. i agree with tariq.i dont own decks ect but i buy legal digital tracks whenever i see them avaliable so i would also like to see these tunes released in digital

  7. Thanks for all the hard work here.For those whinging about it only being vinyl theres plenty of free/very cheap turntables on gumtree etc.Looking forward to the releases hopefully there will be some 91/91 hardcore stuff as well in the pipeline as i’m not big on jungle.

  8. I’m not whining, I’m saying I also wanted to support and if it ever gets a digital release, I will

  9. Great news Pete. Look forward to hearing what you have in store. Am glad you have Simon dealing with the UK side of things as it means I won’t have to import the releases. Well done. Keep up the good work 🙂

  10. I am with Fred on this one if you want a digital copy you can do what many of us have done including the biggest name Djs & rip the vinyl. Having a vinyl only release, especially one limited to a small amount of pressings makes it exclusive, what I hate most is going to play an old skool set later in the night only to have heard most of my selection already having been played due to digital versions. I am very interested in this idea, keep up the good work.

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