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DJ Gunshot – Wheel and Deal

I was about to post a less known DJ Gunshot tune, but I might as well post his big anthem. If you’ve listened to any decent amount of 94-95 jungle, there’s no way you’ve escaped hearing some mix of this tune. It kind of epitomizes the most crowd pleasing aspects of 94-95 jungle: r+b vocals, ragga vocals and frantically mashed think breaks/amens. Here we get the vocals from Mary J Blige’s “Sweet Thing”, a Top Cat ragga intro, aforementioned mashed amens + thinks, a dub siren, and little else. Definitely a super minimal and stripped down track, there’s no excess baggage here! Though not indicated in the track name, “Wheel and Deal” is actually a remix of DJ Gunshot’s previous tune “Wheel Up”. I prefer this mix though, it’s just a bit crazier plus the 10″ format makes it easy to find in a record crate. DJ Gunshot did a number of other EPs in the 93-95 era, all very straightahead crowd pleasing jungle. If you like this tune (who wouldn’t?), then it’s definitely worth digging through his other EPs since there’s some similar rude tunes to be found.

DJ Gunshot – Wheel and Deal

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