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Detromental – It’s Detromental

Here’s a serious early tune by Detromental, of X amount of Respect fame. Unlike that 92 EP, this one is from a year earlier and still much more in the bleep/techno vein (no big surprise that these guys were from Sheffield), rather than full on hardcore. Aside from the aforementioned bleeps-n-bass, these tracks seem to have a bit of a creepier edge to my ears, maybe bringing in a bit more Belgium with some of the synths in some places? This happens to be my favorite tune of the bunch at the moment, but there’s a few other nice ones on here, 5 in total. Don’t let the current price fool you (there’s a copy for over $100 for sale right now) – This EP usually doesn’t go for all that much, keep looking and you’ll find it in the end. All-in-all a nice EP for sure, and a wise purchase for the bleeps-n-bass posse.

Detromental – Its Detromental

2 Replies to “Detromental – It’s Detromental”

  1. Yup, that’s just DJDTL / VinylPimp as usual His pricing rule is, if his copy is the only one for sale, he ups the price 3x the going amount. It’s why I’ve never bought a single record from him though he’s well regarded by some others and has a huge amount of stuff on my wantlist for sale – just too much of an offensive pisstake. I guess wait a few more months and some other more reasonably priced copies will no doubt come along.

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