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Override – Critical Phase

Last month Tim Reaper posted a Digital tune from Octopus Records here, and Droid (from and sometimes writer here) pointed out how good the Override EPs are on that label. I’ve been meaning to post one of those and finally got around to it – definitely a personal favorite EP of mine for dark jungle of that era. Produced by Klute under an early alias, this tune is pretty in-line with his 95-96 material, especially reminding me of some bits of the Certificate 18 EP he did around then. This tune in particular almost sounds in parts like 94 darkside, were it not for the more laid back (dare I say jazzy?) elements and Life Could break. Even there though, that break isn’t used in a clunky later jungle/early dnb manner, more just another wicked breakbeat in another wicked track. Fans of early Source Direct/Oddysee, early dark Photek etc, pay attention! It’s also for sale online for under a pound so go buy a copy before you even click this link…

Override – Critical Phase

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