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Unknown Artist – Jah’s Calling

Been a while since I’ve posted a mega grimey obscure 92 white label, hopefully this one fits the bill. One for the anoraks and not-on-label crew, this EP is by god-only-knows-who (anyone want to fess up?) and ranges in tempo from almost housier speed on one track to full 92 hardcore. There’s a fair bit of variety to the tracks, though they mostly feature some pretty (most likely unintentionally) chaotic beat mashing, sounding like just about ready to fall apart at the seams but never quite doing so. This tune has more solid breaks than the others.. as the name might indicate, it’s got the solid sonic template of reggae sounds, blipppy bass, hip hop vocals and heavy duty breaks… always a solid combo in my book! Plus it’s actually not too pricey and easy to get, cheaper than any new EPs coming out for sure.

To make it clear, this EP is definitely NOT something I’d play a random listener to win them over to the oldskool sound, but if you like your hardcore extra grimey and rough-and-tumble, give it a go. There’s a fair bit of variety in the other tracks so feel free to check them as well on youtube.

Unknown Artist – Jahs Calling

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