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Area 39 – Clint

Unfortunately I couldn’t scrounge any site content together for Halloween this year – I was planning on doing another dark hardcore set (this time 91/92 stuff), but was busy with real life stuff and it looks like Jerome Hill beat me to it on his Kool FM radio show. As a last minute consolation prize, here’s a wicked and as-of-late somewhat more in demand single by Area 39 aka Matt Quinn/Optical. I’ve already posted another wicked tune by Area 39, and this EP along similar lines – dark 94 style stuff. This main track features chopped Eddie Bo “lover and a friend” break (easily one of the best breakbeats ever), plus some heavy sampling from the Sergie Leone spaghetti western classic “For a Few Dollars More” (spoken by, you guessed it, Clint Eastwood). Some additional breaks get layered on top and there’s some nice moody bell sounds etc… nothing radically different from other tracks at the time but quite a cool dark 94 jungle track by any estimation!

Area 39 – Clint

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  1. wikid man nice one for the rip, justv got a new digi controller so will be banginn this across both channels :0

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