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DJ Massive – Fall Down

Here’s a tune I played in my last radio show, which I think someone confused with Mad Ragga Jon – Fall Down on Me since it uses the same classic Tramaine “Fall Down” acapella. However, this tune is a bit more melodic than the Mad Ragga Jon tune, though like that one this also has some proto-jungle elements. In this case, there’s some nice apache choppage in the tune, not entirely common in the pre-jungle era.

I’ll admit that when I first heard this tune, the production put me off a bit – it’s a bit thin sounding to my ears, sounding more 92 than 93/94 and made worse by the fact that my copy is quite worn down and crackly. Still, the music shines through for me here, and it definitely grew on me over time. As the record name indicates, this whole EP has got a bit of proto-intelligent feel to it, balancing uplifting melody and deeper moody sort of stuff ala Dee Jay / Lucky Spin, while not sounding like those labels in terms of track structure. In a sense, it almost sounds like a circa-92 take on intelligent hardcore/jungle to me – a fair bit rougher, more loopy, while still featuring quite strong melodies throughout. That makes the track/EP stand out a bit for me, alongside the fact that it’s by underrated producer DJ Massive (who’s a personal fav). I don’t know, maybe not the most refined thing I’ve posted, but a serious tune nonetheless and one which could have been easily overlooked… give it a shot!!!

DJ Massive – Fall Down

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