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Radagain – Johnny On Ragg

Since the purpose of this site is to post lots of lesser known gems, I try to put a fair amount of focus on non-UK tracks. Even though plenty of international hardcore singles got played by UK DJs, there were also plenty which seem to have slipped through the cracks. “Jonny On Ragg” falls in this category for me. It was released on the Labworks label, which was much more well known for acid/ hardcore/ 4/4 stuff. Perhaps this contributed to why it didn’t get picked up on / featured in many mixes? Regardless, here’s yet one more underrated but easy to find single.

Radagain – Johnny on Ragg

Also, if anyone has any suggestions for non-uk bbhc stuff I should post, leave a comment or drop me an email. I’ll probably post some Swedish and/or Icelandic stuff soon.

8 Replies to “Radagain – Johnny On Ragg”

  1. well Open Skies from Norway. but their record (which is totally awesome) came out on Reinforced so it’s kinda still UK.

    by Icelandic (though according to discogs Goldie was involved – makes sense I guess what with his connections to Bjork) do you mean the Ajax Project – Mach III EP? which I’ve never actually heard but would love to.

    and Swedish ardkore? usually when I think of Sweden I think of a different kind of hardcore (the Anti-Cimex/Mob 47 kind if ya know what I mean)

  2. ah, forgot about Open Skies. Yeah I meant Ajax Project, was thinking of posting some Dragon Fly stuff from Sweden.

  3. Well.. There were lots of non-UK oldskool-artist back then.. My personal faves were (AND still are!) Biochip C, Space Cube, Alec Empire (Aka. Jaguar), Moonraker, TokTok etc. who made really rough breakbeat (And Acid) sound.From Sweden came STEPPIN RAZOR-label (2 releases).The first one was HARDCORE DISCO.. 🙂

  4. yeah, I know all those guys, have posted some Biochip C stuff and will no doubt post some more soon (probably some of his Psychic Parasite or Search & Destroy stuff). All except TokTok, will have to check that out.

    Steppin Razor is dope, “Hardcore Disco” is too pricey for my blood though. Thought I found it for a few euros years ago in some store, but it turned out to be some early Scott Brown record with the same name 🙁

  5. I actually met martin damm (Biochip C etc.) here in Finland couple of years ago.. 😉 Had a long talk with him and showed some of his records he didn’t even know were released?!?!? I’m a BIG fan of his earlier stuff and have 90% of his records in my collection (12″ of course).. 🙂

  6. Ahy wicked!! Yeah I remember dropping him an email a few years back, he seemed like a nice enough guy. If you ever come across a double of Biocalyse, feel free to drop me a line, there’s plenty on discogs but somewhere along the line some idiot tried to charge $100 for a copy, which gave everyone else the idea it goes for that much and means there’s a bunch all set at like $80 with none having sold in ages…
    Just scored Search & Destroy “Iron Man” for $3 this week.. will post soon as I get it.

  7. Nice record. I’m still not 100% sure if it’s the same artist as Redagain P from the milk! posse but I guess so.

    If it’s the same person it’s worth mentioning that “Redagain P” is actually sort of “backward translation” of his real (German) name “Peter Wiederroth”. Just remove all letters but the first from his first name (so you get “P”), then split his last name into “Wieder” (which means “again” in English) and “roth” (which means “red” in English) and then read it backwards – “Red again P”! 🙂

  8. OK I have to amend that you also have to remove the “h” from “roth” as “rot” is actually the correct translation of “red”. 😉

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