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Killersound – What Is A Ragga Twin

First tune back, this EP is a definite longtime obscurity / second-hand bargain. According to a friend, “Ravin 2 Heaven” used to get played a lot, but my favorite here is the first track “What is a Ragga Twin”. Featuring a few super catchy ragga vocal bits (I assume at least one of which is from the Ragga Twins), solid looping amens, deep subby bass and quite catchy melodies, it’s a memorable slice of hardcore/jungle. If the Discogs date is right, it’s also pretty ahead of its time – combining all the elements of what came to be more formally full-blown-jungle 2 years or so later.

Killersound – What Is A Ragga Twin

3 Replies to “Killersound – What Is A Ragga Twin”

  1. Easygroove played this out at Dreamworld 2 on 27/12/92.

    Ravin 2 Heaven was getting played by various London DJ’s in late August ’92 so was deffo’ released around that time. Pretty sure Randall used to play it.

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