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Out of Orda

I’d never heard of Out Of Orda until recently, when someone ripped me a clip of the “renegade” EP. After hearing the first 2 songs I was totally hooked. It’s got decent production and weird “not quite in tune” melodies which, in this case, work really well.

After getting that EP on vinyl, I ended up tracking down their first EP “Overdose”. The first one isn’t as great, but has a few jams on it.

I still have no idea who “Out of Orda” is. rolldabeats claims the second single is by Paul Smailes, aka New Decade. However the first EP says “All tracks written & produced by V Robson”. Its also pretty clear that these two singles are by the same “Out of Orda”, because of the track titles (one called “zone 7” on the first EP, one called “zone 8” on the second EP).
Here’s two tracks off Renegade (not my rip), and Overdose (my rip)

Out of Orda – Renegade EP:
Plimpy Ed
Zone 8

Out of Orda – Overdose EP

Zone 7

7 Replies to “Out of Orda”

  1. whoa whoa ewhoa” # ## the production on plimpy red is well phat sounds almost like it was made today!

  2. Hi, this is Out-of-Orda aka Blimburn (Step on ya head plimpy head zone 8) aka Bribe (Goldeal Redseal Rocky ‘n’ Squidge) aka XTC (xtra tuff cut – thai reed) Aka Dopefreak. Nice work here m8. Anything you need to know just let me know. =)

  3. thanks, will be in touch soon! I still listen to both the Out of Orda EP and Bribe EP regularly. I had never heard of the XTC EP, just nabbed it though.

  4. Hey Out-of-Orda,
    This is Targett (Farnborough GLC), how’s life?
    Ever hear from Frank and Co?
    Post contact details here…

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