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Bribe – Goldseal

This rip today sounds pretty rough since it’s recorded off a Numark PT-01 portable turntable… my 12’s are locked up in a truck somewhere since I played a crazy party last night in Boston. This track is already pretty low fi to begin with though. “Goldseal” is off the excellent Headhunters Recordings label, which only released three records – two of which I’ve already posted here and here… so this completes the set. As with the other 2 releases on this label, this EP does not dissapoint – a strong 4 tracker with tons of quality samples and not a throwaway track in the bunch. “Goldseal” is probably one of the more “epic” tracks I’ve posted in a while, would love to hear this on a booming system at the end of the night somewhere.

Bribe – Goldseal

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