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2G’s (PX1) – Hunt and Seek

This month the EP posts have been pretty sparse on this site, so I’m enforcing the long-standing “slack on posting tunes for a while => make up for it by posting some rare slammers” rule. Hence, this track: “Hunt and Seek” by by R.A.W. (the uk one not the LA jungle DJ) on the Awesome Records sub-label Assassin. This tune uses a hook from the Mad Cobra tune “Find and Kill”, which was also used on the B side of the Red Light – Selekta EP I’ve posted previously. There’s not quite as much going on in this version as in the Red Light one, but it might just be a bit heavier (though that’s easily contestable)…. at the very least, it’s a bit more stripped down sequencing and sample-wise: steady ragga vox, chopped amens and big bass which alternates between more subby hits and dread bass. Definitely a track I could see going down just as well now as when it was released 18 years ago!

2Gs (PX1) – Hunt and Seek

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