Thunderhead – Untitled (Lost In Time EP)

January 15th, 2013 by Pete

Serious nasty darkside here, with co-production by Skanna. This “Lost In Time” EP highlights the darker 93 sound which is all the rage these days, in addition to being one of the tougher to find plates of that era (though far from the rarest). For some reason, I think I remember hearing that Thunderhead was actually an alias for Krome & Time, but I can’t find any info to back that up so it could just be someone else? Either way this is definitely one to track down, even if it takes you a while like it did for me… both sides are absolutely killer and it was tough to pick which one to post!

Thunderhead – Untitled

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6 Responses to “Thunderhead – Untitled (Lost In Time EP)”

  1. Sick. This is f. excellent.

  2. neil says:

    that’s one bad tune

  3. Tim Cant says:

    yeah awesome 12″, it’s like a more hi-fi version of Bizzy B innit

  4. junglismonk says:

    badass tune some bad beat editing goin down also

  5. I heard from a fairly reliable source that Thunderhead was actually John Graham’s brother (Paul??) – and that he was also responsible for The Joker release on Skanna’s eponymous label. Haven’t been able to absolutely confirm that, bit seems feasible.

  6. wimvandijck says:

    Holy cray! 🙂 Yep, very Bizzy-B-eey

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