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Anthony X-Cursa – Mind Control

Here’s a great 95 tune which is reasonably easy/cheap to find. Choppy but sparse intro beats roll along with C+C Music Factory Vocals on top (the same acapella as “through the vibe”, though diced a lot more here). Finally massive amens bash their way in alongside subby bass, crash accents and a number of spacey incidental / synth sounds. Really a cool track in my opinion, big and choppy but still spacious with room for mixing. Also, the more laid back & spacey synths end up contrasing nicely with the manic drums. Rough Tone (a label actually run by a member of UB40) is probably better known for their earlier releases, like DJ Ron’s Crackman Remix and Ellis Dee & Swan-E “Ruffneck Bizznizz”. I previously posted two early ones, namely TNT “Last Sucker Drops” and MC Lenny – AJD. However, some of these later jungle EPs are real gems as well, and reasonably easy to find (I see DJ Fallout “Storm Warning” and the Nut Nut EP for sale quite often). Definitely worth checking out!

Anthony X-Cursa – Mind Control

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