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Hannibal Lecter – Volume 1 & MC Lenny – AJD

Here’s a reasonably well known known but often overlooked release, the Hannibal Lecter EP. Grimey samples plus solid beats. I’ve got to admit that a lot of this charm in this track for me comes from the video game melody, but regardless of that, it’s a fun tune to throw into a mix. This tune samples (among others) MC Lenny “AJD” and the synth from Holy Noise “James Brown is Still Alive”.

Hannibal Lecter Vol 1 – MCs Cant Make Music

Speaking of which, I’ve been meaning to rip that MC Lenny EP for a while, so here it is. This single contains 4 relatively similar mixes of the same track… it’s relatively stripped down and doesn’t really progress or change up much, but it’s a nice catchy tune. I’ve definitely found that half-reversed synth riff stuck in my head a number of times!

MC Lenny – AJD

3 Replies to “Hannibal Lecter – Volume 1 & MC Lenny – AJD”

  1. I think the backwards synth stab is from, erm, Homicide by Shades of Rhythm? Or at least the same one used.

    Armageddon, not Homicide. It comes in before the C3PO type vocals from memory. “I can’t think why we haven’t thought of this before”

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