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TNT – Till the Last Sucker Drops

Rough Tone put out some great EPs, including some really in-demand bits, like Ellis Dee – Ruffneck Bizznezz (which was reissued on a slamming vinyl comp LP) and the remix of DJ Ron – Crackman. One EP I don’t think I’ve ever heard people mention is TNT – “Till the Last Sucker Drops”. Overall this is a really tight EP, with lots of good elements – good intro, nice scratching, catchy chipmunked r+b/soul sample (anyone know what track it is? I have no idea…), heavy beats, etc.
The only thing that bugs me is that there’s some drum fill occasionally layered at the end of the measure in both remixes, which is way off-beat… beyond the realm of “oldschool idiosyncrasy” into “difficult to listen to” territory. But it’s still a great track and worth checking out.

TNT – Till The Last Sucker Drops

7 Replies to “TNT – Till the Last Sucker Drops”

  1. this track is amazing, I thought it was actually tnt a grime mc until I saw the 1993 tag

    I’ve never listented to something quite like this before, its so clean but really energetic at the same time, great post.

  2. Pete – Just played it all the way through, I stand corrected, memory’s not what it was – I wonder why!!

    Thanks for the post – top track. And the EQP mix is tearin’ it down, that bassline is a killer. The other mix was prob easier to mix in but this one had the comedy intro.

    I remember Pure Records in Brum really pushin this one – were DJ Teknologi and Jason Thacker from the Midlands?

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