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Desire – The Feeling Within Me

Here’s a longtime secret track I grabbed super cheap a few years back. I held off posting it because, even though it was quite cheap, nobody had it for sale on discogs (though it was cheap on another site), also I never heard anyone talk about it… I almost considered buying up a bunch of copies for cheap and giving them away on this site! Instead, I played this in a bunch of old blog to the oldskool radio sets, and gave the ID to people who tuned in/asked in the chat, but didn’t put it in tracklists etc. So if you tuned in live and joined the chat for radio shows, you already know about this record 🙂 Anyway, it’s killing me seeing all these cheap copies sitting on the net now, so figure I’d spill the beans… also a few people have put up youtube clips of it in the past year, so I guess the secret is out….

What we have here is a seriously grimey 92 style track… not exactly the slickest catchiest single of that time, but you like super grimey, layered, time stretched breaks, this is definitely one to check out! In addition to those breaks, you get some classic ragga vocals stuttered with a few sparse stabs… The other side uses Bel Biv Devoe’s “Poison” along with some well layered choppy jungle beats and some painfully aliased timestretched synths… was going to post that one as well but, for a pound or two per copy, no reason not to just buy it (you can check the discogs listing to preview it).

No idea when this came out, based on the sound I’d say 92/93… I believe it might have to do with The Advocates as the note on it saying “Produced for I.B.M. Productions” is also present on the first 3 records on that label. If anyone connected can shed some light, please leave a comment below!! Definitely a cool uber-obscure hardcore EP for the obscurity seekers and trainspotters.

Desire – The Feeling Within Me

2 Replies to “Desire – The Feeling Within Me”

  1. All the sets I’ve heard with tunes from this release were from autumn/late 1993, so I’d guess it was released around then.

  2. the other side was a huge huge tune in Toronto. Dr No repped it hard…it’s actually the acid test to find out how oldschool someone is ha.

    play the first 2 bars..if they have a reaction…they know ha.

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