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Altern-8 – Activ8 and Evapor8 original demo versions

I guess Mark Archer posted some of the original demo versions of Altern-8 tracks a while back, but I didn’t notice at the time… here they are, sounding quite tight for demos!! Could definitely imagine these being released as-is on some white label back then, while not as poppy and polished as the final versions, the production is defintely comparable to other hardcore tunes and the there’s plenty of choice vocal cuts taking the place of the lengthier female vocals in the final versions of each tune.

Definitely add Mark Archer on soundcloud and on facebook as well, aside from continuing to make some banging tunes under a variety of guises (on his own, as liquid8 with the guy from liquid), Mark is a great DJ, great guy, and definitely one of the “good ones” in the scene. My old dj crew booked him here in the States earlier this year and it was excellent… his set killed it, everyone had a blast, the whole night is a giant foggy blur for me (good sign!!). Can’t wait to do it all over again some time in the future!

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