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Twisted Wheel – One Wheel Wheelie

Here’s an obscurity I picked up not too long ago, one of those random 92 tunes which probably wasn’t big at all back in the day but is still pretty fun and hook-y. It’s also definitely on the fast side for 92 tracks (at +0% here). Absolutely no idea about the artist or label, not even sure where the reggae vocal comes from. anyone with more info feel free to leave it in the comments below.

Twisted Wheel – One Wheel Wheely

4 Replies to “Twisted Wheel – One Wheel Wheelie”

  1. Interesting records. Im not too fussed with it but wouldnt mind listening to the B side if you have clips. Never seen it before which i still find amazing there are tunes popping out the woodwork.

  2. good catch! I was trying to find it for a while, couldn’t seem to find the source originally. you might want to add it to the notes section on discogs

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