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DJ Producer’s Bogwoppa/Dance Bass mix

Wicked mix here by DJ Producer of tracks on Bogwoppa/Dance Bass. As his description puts it Bogwoppa is pretty top notch when it comes to super rough, b/boy break-centric, sampleadelic, beyond manic hardcore/jungle tunes!! I actually have a long lost interview I sent off to Julian (DJ Hellfish, aka the artist behind these releases) re: Bogwoppa some years ago, but never got replies back… hey Julian, if you ever find it, would love to post it still!!

5 Replies to “DJ Producer’s Bogwoppa/Dance Bass mix”

  1. Superb selection, right up my street!

    Surprised you didn’t get a reply back from Julian, as he’s normally good with that sort of thing – would’ve been a top interview too, for sure 🙂

  2. he was definitely nice about it but it was a mad long interview (21 questions) and pretty damn nerdy, so not too shocked he didn’t want to waste a couple of hours typing it up… would be psyched to get the answers eventually if he’s bored out of his mind some sunday afternoon or something.

  3. that being said.. hoping mentioning it on the blog once a year or so, some mutual friends or people he knows might decide THEY want to read it, and bug him to finish it 🙂

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