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Derek C – Can’t Stop the Feeling

Here’s a nice 91 whitelabel I picked up for 50 cents in LA earlier this year… reissued later on this EP, “Can’t Stop the Feeling” uses the classic Mainline acapella by Jason Load Experience feat Ivonya, as used in loads of hardcore/jungle tracks (Omni Trio – Mainline, Lemon D – Feel It, 4 Hero – We Bring the Trophy, etc), with some big synths, solid breaks and a kind of interesting gated horn part. Not the craziest hardcore track ever, but definitely a fun track.

Derek C – Can’t Stop The Feeling

3 Replies to “Derek C – Can’t Stop the Feeling”

  1. I’ve never heard this tune. I’m so glad you’ve posted it. It’s an absolute rinser!!!!


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