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Kingsound – PPI and PPII

Obscurity hounds, this one’s for you… two of the more unknown tunes I’ve posted in a while. One of these two records I found while scrounging in a bargain bin on my last UK trip some months ago… waited till now to post so I could try to find more info on it. However, while trying to find out more info, I ended up finding a similar looking release which turned out to be a totally different record on the same label. The surprising thing for me is, unlike tracks where it’s clear why no one has bothered to post them, both of these releases are pretty banging….proper production, catchy samples, nothing too obscure or out there.

The first label release (PPI) is 91-92 style hardcore, big ravey synths with a nasty sounding amen. There were already clips of this on on youtube thanks to DeepBass9, however he had the white label so there wasn’t any info available aside from the name “Kingsound”. PPII is much more of a housey hardcore number, with an exorcist-like melody and those classic First Choice “Let No Man Put Asunder” vocals. I’m almost not sure if this counts as full on hardcore or is more breakbeat house, but I think the bass and reasonably fast tempo keep it in the hardcore range.

Something strange about these EPs is that both have the exact same labels, despite bieng totally different releases. I’m guessing that the labels refer to the first release, since that release features two tracks versus the second release’s four, and only two tracks are listed on the label. However, I’m not entirely ruling out the second record simply being a misspress, as the melody and song construction sounds so classic that for all I know it could be a huge well known early tune on another label. Hence, there’s a chance I could end up looking like an utter idiot posting this, hyping it as some mega obscurity. So feel free to let me know ASAP if #2 is in fact some totally common and well known tune on another label… I’ll hang my head and shame and take the link down.

For the time being though, here’s the two releases.

Let’s Have Some Music Now (Belgium Chocolate Mix)

Kingsound PPIII – B1

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