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Chris Paul – Music Is My Life (Remix)

Here’s a nice track I picked up in Toronto maybe 6 or 7 years ago, by Chris Paul. Paul is quite well known in the rave scene for his work in Isotonik, whose track “Different Strokes” is a huge anthem. He also was promoter of the absolutely massive Orange raves of the early 90’s. Music-wise he didn’t release all that many records early on, the only other hardcore/jungle related thing excepting this and isotonik was a pretty dope single on Kikman which I have yet to grab (I probably should have waited to post this until I nabbed a copy, since only one is for sale right now on the ‘cogs.. uh oh…)

This EP contains two remixes of the same track, a nice 93 style vocal hardcore/jungle tune clearly for the dancefloor.. .nothing too experimental or heady going on here. “Music Is My Life” combines the classic “keep Em comin” C+C music factory acapella, as used by Omni Trio in “thru the vibe”, with breaks taken from Foul Play’s remix of Hyper-on Experience “Lords of the Null Lines”. Those breaks get chopped up a bit, and some nice melodic synths are added on top . Again, not a million crazy samples, and it makes sense that this is a tune made by a succesful DJ and promoter of massive parties since it’s basically frankensteining several absolutely essential elements together in a kind of early mashup way (think Carl Cox’s success n effect meets landlord “I like it” track). Really cool EP though!

It appears that Chris Paul is still quite active in music to this day… he’s been involved in some big techno labels etc, not to mention being back making dnb for a while now.. Be sure to check his website at for more information as well as links to his other sites, etc.

Chris Paul – Music Is My Life (Remix)

7 Replies to “Chris Paul – Music Is My Life (Remix)”

  1. I have this vinyl too but I find myself unable to distinguish any difference between both mixes!

  2. chris paul’s interpretation of the ‘ardcore sound is so powerful yet so pure. this guy still makes dnb with the occassion ‘ardcore piano progression or synth stab melody. soo sick to hear him still taking these old skool elements to new heights. big up!

  3. thanks, yeah I totally forgot he did some oldskool tracks on his album recently that were great… bought those and have em on my ipod!! I’ll try to find the link and add it to this post later, big respect for this guy for sure.

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