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DJ Fly – High On Life EP

OK, and now for something a bit less “classic”. Here’s one of the best scores from my Cali trip a few weeks ago. And by best, I mean most hilarious/fun/awful/cool/wtf.

In theory, this is a mega rare hardcore record on Mendoza, a label that put out some really cool early rave bits as well as some later releases which seem to be in surprisingly high demand these days. This is one of those random white labels that few people seem to have… the only copy on discogs is listed at $1000 OBO, though obviously that seller is taking the piss a bit (nice guy though, I’ve bought other stuff from him before at non-crazy prices). So I was obviously pleased to find it for 50 cents… especially since it’s the exact type of really weird bad/good/bad white label I like to find on the cheap. Tons of totally random samples mashed together making little sense, parts barely being held together (listen to that amen unhinged from the synth).. at the same time, even though it’s a mess, it’s a fairly dense mess with different samples coming in and out, keeping it interesting. All in all, NOT something I’d jump to play out, but fun to have and spin at home strictly 4 LULZ.

Still, there’s no way in a million years I’d ever pay $1000 for this… or $500… or $100.. or $50… or $25… OK, MAYBE $25 IF I got drunk and happened to check clips of it online, and was entranced by the so-wrong-it’s-almost-right-but-not-quite nature of the tracks. Even then though, as soon as I got it the mail and put it on, I’d instantly think “I paid X amount + postage for this??!!!”, and have a stern conversation with myself about horribly mismanaged life priorities.

In the end though, I paid 50 cents for it, so… no problems here!! šŸ˜€
Oh yeah, my copy has a sticker referring to it as “high on life” not “hy on life”.

DJ Fly – High on Life B1

9 Replies to “DJ Fly – High On Life EP”

  1. Iā€™d instantly think ā€œI paid X amount + postage for this??!!!ā€, and have a stern conversation with myself about horribly mismanaged life priorities.

    Made me laugh.

    Satin Storm, Lets Get Together is a stomper of a classic!

  2. I’d be haggling for 25 cents. Then maybe worth it, for the sleeve !!

    THanks so much man I needed a good laugh šŸ™‚ seriously terrible shit. This is why I listen to 1993-95/96… 1991-92 drives me crazy I hate under 150bpm and I hate breakbeat style hahaha. It’s just NOT dark choppage by any means.. I don’t care if proto or precursor, I’m jaded and didn’t start listening to ANY electronic music until grade 4 when in 1994-95 when I hear local community radio playing jungle choppage. So I don’t appreciate techno or rave sound unless in jungle or darkstep mentasm etc hahaha.

    But this makes me and my friends laugh heaps, seriously needed a smile so thanks a lot again. Legend šŸ™‚

    I really hope the guy on discogs gets his $1000, he’d be laughing too then šŸ™‚

  3. haha well hopefully over time you’ll come to appreciate stuff other than think break and amen… some early hardcore stuff (just not this tune) has just as good breakwork as 94/95 tunes, also a bigger variety of breaks used since there’s more breakbeats that work at a slower speed which don’t sound as good chipmunked up to 160-170…

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