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UDG – Heaven

Here’s another stone cold classic, this time a 92 oldskool piano stormer. My copy is a bit tatty but it’s still OK sounding, also to be clear this is the original rawer version on whitelabel not the more polished rerelease… big big tune played by all sorts of DJs back in the day! The artist behind it (Eric Peyronel) is responsible for quite a few house tracks since then, this is his only hardcore EP.

UDG – Heaven

6 Replies to “UDG – Heaven”

  1. Interesting post… Can’t say I’ve ever even heard of the label let alone this release? My guess is it was played out more in the north than the south as the piano-house style was big oop that way… 😉

    Might have to check out some others from this label too….

  2. Wow is that a medium wave radio tuning in and out for those bar transitions? You have to admire the production value on some of these these lesser known tunes.

  3. wow! i can’t believe rick pier o’neil [] used to make this type of music! cool! you know he went on to be quite an awesome minimal techno producer, i used to love his stuff as RPO back around 2009

  4. this was a massive track up north, used to hear it all the time on Fantasy FM sheffield and Dream FM Leeds!

  5. Paul Taylor would play this one regular tab Angels in Burnley 91/92.
    Great uplifting Track back then.x

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