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Demon Boyz – Jungle Dett

OK I’m cheating and posting a more well known track… in fact, I’d wager it It doesn’t get that much more classic than this tune. Although primarily a hiphop act earlier on, Demon Boyz did some amazing hardcore/jungle stuff as well. This tune is one of those early tunes alongside the best by Rebel MC , Ragga Twins and SUAD, which show the final merging of all necessary elements (hiphop breakbeats, ragga bass and samples, techno synths) into a really coherent final product (hardcore/jungle). In fact, despite the fact this came out in 91, you could probably pitch this up and play it along side any old 1992 track, since all the same elements are there and the production is top notch. Still, it sounds great at a lower tempo as well, especially during the more ominous synth part.
Can’t recommend this one enough… pure vibes!!

Demon Boyz – Jungle Dett

6 Replies to “Demon Boyz – Jungle Dett”

  1. This is all about the pitch up for me…. Whilst it’s a good tune at normal speed, it transforms into a hardcore smasher when played at + whatever…. \o/

  2. Love this tune. Have a soft spot for UK rap around this era or at least from the groups that didn’t try to sound American. Gotta dust some down after listening to this.

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