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Bad Influence – Never Too Much

Another top favorite, hopefully this track gets some more appreciation than the classic I posted a couple days ago. Bad Influence was a project by Pascal, Cobbler and Jack Horner who did 5 EPs under this alias. This is probably their biggest track under the “bad influence” name, a frantic hardcore tune with great bouncy samples and nontstop energy throughout. The remix isn’t too shabby either, released on the later “Unfair Justice” EP.

Bad Influence – Never Too Much

7 Replies to “Bad Influence – Never Too Much”

  1. Big tune this was around July ’92, hammered everywhere… Gotta’ love that Lionel RichTea sample…. 🙂

  2. Great track although I do prefer the remix over the original. Dance For Me is another one of my favs 🙂

  3. A good mid 92 mixing tune with clear samples which I think Easygroove used to play out. However, I’m more into the low-fi F.U.B.A.R ep with it’s great choppage and crazy samples.

  4. I like that fubar EP, might post it at some point but is it really that choppy? Definitely a pretty grimey low fi 92 EP tho

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