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DJ Dub Rush – Da Gathering

Here’s a quality 94 darkside jam I’ve been hoarding. Evil Dead 2 samples, some nicely panned think-work and eerie synths, everything you could want in a seriously dark jungle track – up there with the darkest creepiest stuff by Mega City 2, Love Dove Jay, etc. Dub Rush did a bunch of great singles on his label Back II Back, most of which are pretty hard to find now… I’ve only got a couple of them but the rest are sort of permanently on my want list, waiting for copies to show up on the cheap. The only Back II Back track I’ve posted so far was this one track by by X Rated, which is one of the easier to find tracks but still pretty essential.

Dub Conspiracy – Da Gathering

7 Replies to “DJ Dub Rush – Da Gathering”

  1. forgot to mention, my copy has a blue, black and white label not just black and white as in the picture above (Taken from discogs).. not sure if there were multiple pressings or what.

  2. damn this is hard to find

    more darkside this year pete to go hand in hand with the end of times

  3. I feckin’ love the darkside, but this one has passed me by it would seem, thanks for bringing it to my attention.

    Added to my ever-expanding wants list!

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