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Darkman – It’s Driving Me

Here’s another amen post… personally I’ve never really understood people who focus entirely on amen tracks, to the detriment of all other breaks. I mean, it’s a great break, but so are “Do the Do”, “Funky Mule”, “Kool is Back”, “In One Peace”, “Tighten Up”, etc. Still, for those serious amen heads, here’s a nice choppy tune from 95. “It’s Driving Me” combines aforementioned chopped amens with a vocal bit from Bel Biv Devoe’s “Poison” + piano + 808 bass. Nothing too shocking, I actually might even prefer the other side which has some nice time stretched bits… but Tim Reapah suggested I post this one and that kid knows his amens, so here you go.

This EP is the first release on Rinse Out, a sublabel of L Double’s Flex label. Rinse is better known for its jump up releases, like my personal favorite from 1999, Rinse Unlimited EP However there were some nice early jungle EPs on there (as well as plenty on its parent label Flex).

Darkman – Its Driving Me

5 Replies to “Darkman – It’s Driving Me”

  1. Wow pete! This is an epic track! The lyrics on this one is taken from a track called poison I can’t remember the artist at the moment maybe someone else might know the artist name! Such a classic hip hop track love it! Feel like writing the lyrics here but dnt wana show my self up lol

  2. OOOOH!!!!!!!

    Big up Tim Repah on the selection, he certainly does know his amens!

    Regarding obsessions with the amen, I myself have one, its just the funnest break to abuse! And it just has an epic sound for this these types of frenetic rhythms (which I love ALOT!)

    I think Do the Do and the Think Break come a close second and third for me (When it comes to jungle)

    Thanks for the blog, Im gonna be here alot over the next while, so get used to my long posts and questions 😉


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