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Baraka – I’ll Be There

Out of all the tunes I bought on this recent UK trip, this might just be my favorite… absolutely lurvely deep 95 intelligent jungle which was rumored to be by Jonny L (who did a remix for Boogie Beat around that time), but according to a friend of the producer was actually by Kid Andy of Boogie Beat / True Stepperz. “I’ll be there” has a nice melody which sounds like it might have been lifted from some detroit techno or house track (ID anyone?), coupled with frantically chopped amens restrained with filter trickery ala T Power’s output around the time. In addition to the filtering, the bassline is relatively sparse and spacious, leaving extra room in the tune and (for me at least) keeping it well within the realm of “intelligent” jungle/techno of that era. All in all, an amazing track which I’d rate alongside some of my favorite Good Looking tunes from then.

Baraka – I’ll Be There

16 Replies to “Baraka – I’ll Be There”

  1. classic stuff. never heard it before, and im a massive bukem fan but never heard him play it, although at the time it would’ve fallen right into his musical lexicon. wicked!

  2. This def sounds like Jonny L and is much slicker sounding that the earlier BB stuff… how on Earth did I not notice this tune – I think I’ve already got it! Great post 😀

  3. the melody is made out of the ever popular 808 cowbell being used as a melodic stab.

    not sure if it’s lifted from another tune.

  4. Absolutely killer 12″ – I love the flip side as well.
    Looks like the final two releases on BB were Baraka 12″s and what an amazing way to go out!

  5. OHHH yes!!! …still in my Vinyl Collection… man, … the old days – as time goes by! What a tune – tear down every dancefloor.

  6. it was £2. Don’t think it was that rare or pricey back then but I got it with a bunch of other cheap things at the time.

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