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Secret Squirrel & AJ Flex – Come Rudebwoy

Here’s a 92 classic that was played in a number of great mixes from back then…. “Come Rudeboy” starts with some deep sounding pads, and the “time flies when you’re with me” vocal sample from S.O.S. Band “The Finest” (as used in Foul Play “Finest Illusion”, but looped as it appears in Rufige Kru “Krisp Biscuit”), before a ragga vocal sample drop which is oh-so-slightly off time (one of the charming aspects of the tune that has really grown on me over time) followed by massive amens and bass slamming in – simply a great combo!! Then, just when you think you’ve got the track figured out, it throws in some helium divas and pianos! Gah, what I would pay to take a time machine back right now to hear this one at a proper party in the UK when it first came out…

Secret Squirrel & AJ Flex – Come Rudebwoy

5 Replies to “Secret Squirrel & AJ Flex – Come Rudebwoy”

  1. thanks for pointing that out, discogs says 92 but could have in fact been late 92/early 93 as I think I only know it from 93 era mixes… either way though, mean track!

  2. Before I got into jungle & uk hardcore I was big into gabber and Rotterdam Terror Corps-style hardcore. I loved Hellfish (and still do!) because while he was hard and fast he put in breaks and it gave his stuff a badass swing. Then I discovered drum and bass and eventually moved to the 91-95 sound (where I’ve been happily stuck ever since) and found out that Hellfish was so much more than just an angry amen break and distortion.

    Although I love most of his Bogwoppa output, I think the untitled B side track from Undercover Elephant & Secret Squirrel’s Volume 3 EP on Dance Bass is my favorite of his from this era. So frantic!

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