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DEA – Sphere of Destiny

Thanks to Dara for selling me this one recently, a favorite of mine which might be an acquired taste due to its mega-rough production. The break layers are kind of hectic and don’t fully match up, the samples range from low-fi to lower-fi, there’s lots of variation in the levels, and the beats don’t seem to hit as hard as I’d like (even for old hardcore stuff)… Still, a great tune is a great tune! “Sphere” has some good vocal cuts combined with an unexpected end-of-the-world orchestra breakdown part way through that gets me every time. The A-side is better known and might be a bit catchier,and for spinning out I’d probably opt for one of the A-side tracks… But “Sphere” is still my favorite in all it’s sloppy glory!

DEA – Sphere of Destiny

3 Replies to “DEA – Sphere of Destiny”

  1. LOL what’s the “shoes in the dryer effect”?

    “Let’s Get Together” has to be the worst produced release of all time! I can’t believe it made it onto one of those Hardleaders comps…

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