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DJ Phantasy’s Mate – Edit Vol 1

I’ve had this for a while and still get a chuckle whenever I come across the title – given how prolific certain producers were BITD, I wish other producers had been as straightforward as on this EP and put out singles named like this. It’d be funny to come across loads of records with titles like “Cool Hand Flex’s Mate”, “Dave Charlesworth’s Mate”, “”Bizzy B’s Mate” (that one would be about 8000 records deep), etc. Still, this is a great little white label, loads of samples crammed in, etc. Not much more to say about this since I know nothing about the artist, aside from the fact that he was mates with DJ Phantasy.

DJ Phantasy’s Mate – Edit Vol 1 side A

3 Replies to “DJ Phantasy’s Mate – Edit Vol 1”

  1. love this tune both sides are kikass actual;l;y it was Dara that put me onto this one thru his interface sets :0

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