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The Beat Mash Crew – Favorite Cuts

Here’s a track to contrast “In Complete Darkness” which I posted a few days ago… not much in the way of big catchy melodies here, just great mad choppy breaks and sparse samples dropped on top. The scratching bit should sound familiar, as it’s the intro to Tango’s absolutely massive / essential / massively essential “Grand National” remix, which consists of someone scratching with the Hijack “Badman is Robbin” acapella.

Engineering duties on this track are by the great Julian Hellfish/Secret Squirrel/Undercover Elephant, who I’m still waiting on some interview answers from. I had actually forgotten I even owned this until I heard someone spin it recently… I think it was maybe DJ Foo? Whoever it was, thanks for the reminder, as this EP is back out in my “to play” crates now 🙂

The Beat Mash Crew – Favorite Cuts

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