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Obviously High – Mistery Tour EP

Here’s a nice EP by Andrew Wright aka The Moog, done in conjunction with a few other people. The A-Side is OK, but I prefer these B-side tracks. “Inside My Head” uses some classic video game sounds in conjunction with the classic “happiness is just around the bend” acapella, as posted about here. The 3rd track on the side, “Maelstrom”, has more video game sounds but with an even stranger sound. All in all, a nice somewhat overlooked EP, not to mention a good bang-for-the-buck at 5 tracks all of which are decent.

Obviously High – Inside My Head
/blog/audio/Obviously High - Inside My Head.mp3 Obviously High – Maelstrom

2 Replies to “Obviously High – Mistery Tour EP”

  1. Had this Ep ages ago, but sold it.. Kinda got bored of it. Now listening it again, and it’s not that bad at all.. 😉

  2. gotta check out discogs… Maelstrom sounds pretty nice and trippy… heard ones before… and it was not in a game 😉

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