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MC Jay J and Devious D – Sensational Jungalist

Here’s a favorite of mine from the not-incorrectly-titled Awesome Records label run by Slipmatt and Lime. “Time of Our Lives” was maybe the bigger track on this, and was previously released on another EP with another favorite tune of mine, “Drive Ya Crazy”. However, “Sensational Jungalist” is my pick on this release – great ragga vocals which I’m sure Droid can fill us in on (General Levy?), rave synths, nice unusual breaks (Cold Sweat + some others I don’t know), some big horn samples which I think became more widely used after this track (circa 94-95). In general, lots of great “stuff” which changes up fairly regularly and easily holds your attention for the track’s four minutes.
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MC Jay J & Devious D – Sensational Jungalis

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  1. Yep, General Levy from the original version of incredible ‘Mad Them’. That Timpani like beat at the start and in the middle is from Penthouse’s ‘Wicked Dickie’. The ‘Musical Message’ vox is Shabba. Horns from (what sounds like) an 80’s version of the the Diseases riddim.

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