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Rhythm Mode:D – So Damn Tough LP

So, I guess it’s safe to assume that people who read this blog know who ALTERN-8 are and who BIZARRE INC are, right??? Well, before either of those projects, Mark from Altern-8 and two guys from Bizarre Inc had a hip hop/electro/breakbeat project called Rhythm Mode:D. Here’s two tracks off their 1989 LP “So Damn Tough”, which I just picked up this weekend while in Portland Oregon of all places (thanks Anthem Records /Lodubs record store).
I pitched these up to +8 when recording since that’s how I’ve been listening to them, good stuff at any speed though!

Rhythm Mode D – Bumrush The Sound
Rhythm Mode D – Turntable Doom

2 Replies to “Rhythm Mode:D – So Damn Tough LP”

  1. I think you’ll find Chris Peat was also involved in this project as well. Check the credits!

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