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Aurora – Moons & Melody EP

Here’s a nice EP that I finally got recently, even though it had been on my want list for years and years. Aurora did several great singles – the track they’re probably known best for is “Voice of Buddha”, a classic featured on the “Hit The Decks” megamix. Their single on Homegrown is also excellent – one of those under-appreciated singles on that label which owe relatively little to happy hardcore and are in fact just superb hardcore/jungle bits. Unfortunately, that means that the Homegrown EP is also seriously in demand/hard to find nowadays… anybody a copy they can spare?

This tune is the B1 song on the 3 tracker version of the “Moons and Melody EP” – there’s also an even rarer promo-only 4 track version of the same EP. Why must labels taunt me like that??!

Aurora – Shaun’s Revenge

5 Replies to “Aurora – Moons & Melody EP”

  1. Quite like this one, but far too expensive for me to buy.
    I did notice on discogs that it was also released on fat chuna with an extra track, i thought it might have been cheaper not being a promo but its still just as expensive.

    Just goes to show you how good tracks still retain thier value regardless of what label it was released on….. oh well.

  2. Not heard this one before. I like it. Aurora make it into my sets quite often. “Spectral Bass” (from the Sunshine EP) is an absolute favorite of mine

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