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Harmony & Xtreme – NRG Rush

Here’s a single I’ve been after for a while, which I finally nabbed recently. It’s one of the earlier singles on Lucky Spin, and is a lot more ravey than the deeper proto-jungle tracks they are better known for. Harmony & Xtreme also did the great Temple of Doom EP and red label “temple of doom” remix EP. Heavy compressed amens plus 92 style rave stab melodies = more great oldskool that not enough people have heard.

Harmony And Xtreme – NRG Rush

7 Replies to “Harmony & Xtreme – NRG Rush”

  1. probably, my copy was a whte label with no label so I Was using the title on discogs, looks like someone has since changed it and deleted that copy of the release…

  2. I’ve a white label of this that only says Lucky Spin in blue pen. Played this a couple of times but usually pitched it down quite a bit cos it’s pretty freaking quick for a 92 release.

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