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Bass Boy – Let The Bass Be Louder

Here’s an all-time classic Dutch track, from the all-time classic Dutch label Midtown (which is also still a store, for anybody visiting the Netherlands). “Let the Bass Be Louder” is one of the few classic tracks I’ve heard newer Boston DJs play a few times (including while opening for the Prodigy), and it always goes down a storm. That is, as much as any 17 year old rave tune can go down for a crowd where the vast majority did NOT grow up with much of a rave pedigree/electronic music influence beyond big beat and other crossover rock-electronic stuff…

This EP contains a few mixes of this tune, this is the “radio mix” which is short, sweet + to the point. The music here is definitely very prototypical of early Dutch/Belgian hardcore, with much more of an emphasis on the 4/4 beat and technoy synths rather than on the breakbeat element of the tune. The vocals are positively craptacular but totally memorable, and have been sampled in a bunch of newer Dutch & Belgian tunes.

Sick track, check it here + grab a copy of the vinyl for cheap.

Bass Boy – Let The Bass Be Louder (radio version)

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