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Prodigy 5/20/2009 in Boston

I ended up going to see The Prodigy last night in Boston, thanks to my buddy Greg hooking me up with a pass. Baltimoroder and Rage FuXX opened the show, playing lots of newer crowd pleasing stuff before slamming into some big oldschool, happy hardcore and dnb right at the end (to the screams of a not-insignificant portion of the crowd). Unfortunately, they were cut off right when they were really getting going, and shooed off the stage so the tech crew could prepare for Prodigy’s set… Still, it doesn’t get much better than hearing Bass Boy “Let the Bass Be Louder” blasted from one of the biggest sound systems in this city.

As for the Prodigy set… as to be expected, I’m mostly a fan of their first 2 albums, which they barely play stuff from now. Because of this, I knew I wasn’t going to be freaking out over the music & loving every track. Howeever, by having my expectations adjusted from the get-go, I actually ended up having a great time and loved it. It was surprising how well their programmed breaks and live drumming work together – that can be really hard to pull off without using triggers. Tune-wise, the only old old bits were the “out of space” finale and a track or two off Jilted Generation.

One new track called “Commanche” was pretty crazy, definitely different from anything else they’ve done recently. Here’s a version of the track I just found on youtube, not sure what I think of it recorded now, but in the context of all that “fat of the land” and later stuff last night it sounded AMAZING:

Crappy photos taken with my phone from the backstage balcony.

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