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94 Jungle Documentary

Thanks to DSP for posting this documentary, also to Hardscore and Nerbanite for posting it on their blogs. Wicked 94 documentary that shows shy fx in the studio, uk apache, shots of the lucky spin record shop (I want that Liquid Wax t-shirt!!) and stuff about the m-beat/general levy controversy.

8 Replies to “94 Jungle Documentary”

  1. Thank you so much! I’ve learned so much about old skool breaks/jungle/hardcore recently from your work here, and this little documentary just sent me on a new jungle hunt. 😀 Keep the goodies comin, please!

  2. also a big fan of this blog, and i thank you especially for introducing me to hyper-on experience as well as posting great shit like this.

  3. hmmm, pretty sure it’s not VW001 or the M-Beat cover feat Nazlyn… either the original M-Beat version w/ Anita Baker vox (don’t think I have that one), or maybe J&J “sweet love” (jungle version)? Never heard that one so I can’t say for certain

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