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Flytronix – Shadowlandz

Here’s a tune I was reminded of by a recent comment on here… it actually may not be the track referred to in the comment, but it’s a wicked tune/EP nonetheless. Flytronix aka Danny Demierre was one half of best-oldskool-group-ever Hyper-On Experience, in addition to doing some great singles of his own on Moving Shadow (everyone into early sick choppy beats NEEDS First Encounta). As discogs notes, “Shadowlandz” features similar Predator-related samples to “Lords of the Null Lines”. However, the construction and approach couldn’t be more different – “Shadowlandz” is far darker than the original “lords” and sounds a great deal more like Hyper-on’s later EP The Family We Never Had. Rather than drastic musical changeups every few bars, Danny let’s the tracks here build much more slowly and organically, dropping parts in and out so that the track slowly mutates over its nearly 8 minutes. Quite different from “Deaf in the Family” then, but still absolutely great in its own right.

Flytronix – Shadowlandz
Flytronix – Paradise

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  1. Hey Pete

    I can’t seem to post on the actual post itself, this belongs on the Summer Break / Some Justice post 🙂

    The .mod you’ve posted isn’t from the ‘Some Justice 94’ demo. It’s clearly samples taken from the full track and used to rebuild it by an uknown person

    You can find the demo mod in mp3 form at It’s been fiddled with to create a full stereo mix instead of the 2 tracks left 2 tracks right format of the Amiga chip. It’s a similar remix to the one talked of at

    The demo itself is at

    If you look elsewhere on that wiki, they claim the Urban Shakedown were not directly involved in the demo, however I’m sure Gavin did that remix (listening to the mod it’s superb quality, and deffo Aphrodite in every way) and then somebody else used VideoTracker to create the visuals around it.

    Re “high quality mode” – no such thing. In any Amiga tracker, you are going to get 22k, 8bit samples out at best. What they mean is that they didn’t use OctaMed’s built in 8 track system which used to mix 2 samples together on the same track at the same time and sounded awful. I doubt Slammin Vinyl used that mode either, because it was completely unworkable for writing tunes for commercial release. However, you can clearly hear that they didn’t use the full 22k on a lot of their samples.

    For all the Jesus on E’s demo mods and more, check

  2. thanks for the link to the mods above, had these for a bit from someplace & had to give a heads up to this tune – Jesus on E’s #06. samples rolf harris to great effect, recommended

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