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32 Troop – Old School Soldier

Here’s a solid Criminal Minds related tune… someone pointed out there’s not even a version of this on youtube, so I figure I’d post it here. The Criminal Minds are one of my all-time favorite hardcore acts, there’s countless great tunes from these guys on a number of labels. This EP is pretty good, I think I like the A side a bit more than the track posted below… I’m posting it as a youtube video so you can judge for yourself.

32 Trop – Old School Soldier (Spatts 24 Hour Ruffneck Mix)

3 Replies to “32 Troop – Old School Soldier”

  1. Decent tune.. yes.. But I only wonder the way it ends.. Almost 2 minutes just plain breakbeat, like they ended up with ideas or something.. Ah.. It must be so called “DJ-friendly” thing.. 😉

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